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i’ve been told of a time that exists in rhyme,
that i might just find if i’m lucky.
The space in between might appear as a dream,
But it’s real to them that’s plucky.
Come with me for an Aeon or two and play in this paradise lost.
Get on board a train called forever, your past the only cost.
Freedom of spirit, no chains of despair...
burned out emotions lost in a flare.
Thousands of years filled with bliss,
if happens a chance that they might kiss.
Winging through time that disappears,
lost in bliss for a thousand years.
Islands hover in light that sings...
carried away on an angels wings.
Finding melody in the averse...
has life been lived in reverse?
Mystery of time unfold for me,
i carry the soul of eternity.
Castles of light have fallen dark...
since the sinking of the ark.
From ages lost beyond this knowing,
let me be this river flowing.
Water the land to grow the seed...
planted by man before his greed.
Before his fear, before his doubt...
long before this spiritual drought.
Depth of field in vision and sound,
as nature claims her spirit found.
Mountains fall and seas disperse,
in the joyous rebirth of the universe.


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